The Battle Of Vicksburg

I like the Battle Of Vicksburg, because it makes get into the book. The author is Mary Ann Fraser. The book didn't make me have a reaction but, some pictures make me take a look for a while. The Vicksburg book is just like the other book I read, "The Battle Of Bull Run" This connection helps me on reading because, I can tell that I just read it carefully. This is not exactly a "just right" book for me but, it makes me going, and urging me to read it.

I liked General Ulysess S. Grant and William T. Sherman. I liked them because, they are mostly the ones I know the most. Grant and Sherman are the one that takes lead in front of the Army. The two Generals didn't realky change thei appererance that much.

The story was that the two sides are going to meet and have a battle. What I want to change about the story is that two pages were only pictures I would make that smaller and put the writing that were after that on that page. What I think the Author is doing this to let you know how vicious the battle was. Also, to tell you not to make war because the two pages that showed how the battle was, no one wants that to hanppen.

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