Math is rad but not writing!

What I mostly like is "writing" because I really like to write story's and for math, I'm not so sure because "Math is Rad." For writing I like to read and learn new words just like"brittle" and I'm really good at spelling. That's what I like about in 5th grade, for math I'm not so sure, it seems O.K I guess, so "Math is Rad." So I'm really sure that math is not in my"What I like" category but, I still live with it. My learning for writing (which I like) is pretty good and I'm sure my Mom is proud of it, and math seem the same for writing and my Mom also seem proud of it too.

For writing I learn lots of new words and that is because I read a lot and I can gain or absorb new words into my brain. Writing is my number one subject in school and some time I may not feel like writing eventually I like it, at home I kind of write a lot and then my eyes go red then it hurts then of course, I got to sleep because I'm really tired. Mom don't wake me up in the morning so in Saturdays or Sundays I drag my self out of bed, brush my teeth then start writing and I usually write up to twenty or thirty minutes, and also ten probably. When ever I write I think a head what I'm going to write next like what I'm typing right now.

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